About Us

In January of 2006 Domeshots And Fat Laces was born (Here).

Originally the site was designed to showcase many of the pioneers of Hip Hop culture featuring interviews gathered (pilfered) from sites around the web. Over the course of 2007 time was not invested into the site and eventually the blog started to see less and less new posts.

In February of 2008 (Here) , with renewed focus and direction, inspired by S.O.U.L.'s Tha Original Hip Hop , Pipomixes, Tapemasta, Brendan E's Recognize The Real, Mass Corporation and others, The site's content changed to showcase the foundation of Hip Hop culture, the Deejay.

In May of 2010 DSFL was shutdown due to numerous DMCA notices but returned a few months later (Here and Here). From July of 2010 until today DSFL has consistly presented superb mixes from top notch deejays. Though the past few years Hip Hop deejaying has waned and fewer and fewer deejays are releasing Hip Hop based mixes, DSFL will continue to filter through the maze of wack material to bring you great mixes from solid deejays from around the world.

It must be noted Domeshots And Fat Laces is NOT associated with Fat Laces magazine nor it's parent company Rawkus Records.