It's See You Later But Not Goodbye

The End Is Here

Yes, it has finally arrived after 12 years, the time has come to say goodbye. Over the years I had thoughts of when this day would come and it was hard it imagine. Running this site has become so ingrained within my life over the past 12 years it will be difficult give up the routine of searching and listening to mixes on the net.

Why this has come to pass is easily discerned for long time visitors of site. Often I had remarked of the difficulty of finding quality Hip Hop mixes over the past four years or so. Finally last year the grind has gotten to me and realized it wasn't going to get any better. I have always maintained the belief that underground Hip Hop and underground Hip Hop mixes would have resurgence in the new millennium. However with former Wall street CEO's taking more and more control of the US Music Industry that belief has been shattered. Stripper music,Hipster Rap, Mumble Rap and second rate Dilla-esque airy fairly Beat Scene music have all been eliminated underground and true school Hip Hop from the masses and very few deejays are willing to put the time in produce a worthwhile mix of the latest joints from the culture. I will not go in on the lame deejays who are stuck in the past and solely release mixes with Hip Hop radio hits of the 90's. Bobby Corridor seems to be the one the few who can dig for music from the past and not rely on radio hits.

I had some big ideas for the site that never came to fruition. Exclusive mixes from the best deejays, and even a touring company of Deejays, something like Rock The Bells but with Hip Hop deejays. Similar to what Uncle Jamm's Army did back in the day that younger generation never got to experience. Yet underground and true school Hip Hop waned considerable after 2006 and by 2010 it was dying. My idea of a touring Deejay company died with it.

After my old site was taken down (Here) I was determined to continue posting top notch mixes from the best Hip Hop deejays but as 2014 came to a close the grind was taking its toll on me. The experience of finding worthy mixes to post twice a week was extremely frustrating and disheartening. By the end of 2016 I already decided to end my site but wanted to make it to my 10th anniversary of a mix/mixtape site, the first two years of DSFL was focused on bios and interviews of Hip Hop pioneers, it was definitely a struggle this past fourteen months and now it's time to say farewell to all of you,

To my inspirations: S.O.U.L., Pipomixes, TapeMasta, TheSupremeUnknown (The Essential Elements), Mass Corporation. Without you guys I wouldn't even thought lasting this long.

To my fellow bloggers: ChillOne, Bzrwon, Haroon Al Qahtani , Gaz, Foryalla, Stussy_Daz, DJ Step One, Brendan E, and far more too many to name and some I forgot. With knowing you guys were out there searching and posting so many fabulous mixes, as I was, kept me on my toes and fueled me to continue on when I was ready to give up.

To all visitors to site over the past 12 years I thank you and I hoped you enjoyed at least some the mixes I posted over the years and hopefully you will join me on my new site.

What's Next

On my new site (, starting on March 5, the focus will not be other deejays but instead upon my mixes and projects. I recently rediscovered my fondness for art so I am working on improving my skill and will be highlighting some of the artists that give inspiration. However with an archive of decade of mixes I will of course repost some mixes from the DSFL archives every now and again.

The comments are closed. I am not sentiment person but I do not think I could bear many people thanking me for the site so I'll just say thank YOU for visiting the site and you're welcome.

Peace & Blessings
Hamza 21

The Dynamic Hamza 21®

Hip Hop since 1982.

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