DSFL Broadcast #08

The final episode of the DSFL Broadcast starts with one of my absolute favorite Atmosphere song and ends with one of my favorite De La Soul joint. I also worked in a classic joint from The Fat Boys.

Yes this the final episode of the broadcast. Frankly this broadcast was a stopgap with so few Hip Hop mixes being released I needed something as a backup to have something worthy of posting. I knew when I started this broadcast it would be short lived but overall I think eight episodes of quality Hip Hop was worth the time needed to create and release these mixes. Anyhow enjoy the final episode.

The Dynamic Hamza 21
Broadcast #8
(2017) | 55 MB|

DSFL Broadcast #08

Atmosphere - Everything
Poor Righteous Teachers - We Dat Nice
Powerule ft. DJ Eclipse - Thru My Eyes
Parish PMD Smith ft Erick Sermon - The Real Is Gone
Cali Agents - Faces Of Death
Fat Boys - Can You Feel It
Sadat X - Taken
Jurassic 5 - Monkey Bars
Brand Nubian - Ain't No Mystery
De La Soul ft Nas - God It

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