DJ Format - Escape From New York

DJ Format as always been one of my favorite deejays. I do not think I ever heard a wack mix by UK turntable master. In this new mix featuring mostly early 80's West Coast artists Mr Ford offers up a nice throwback to time when Hip Hop was in it's infancy on West Coast.

Shout out to Stevie G from The Mixtape Unites for keeping that site alive with fresh mixes.

Also as side note I was quite surprised to see I actually own both of their records in bottom of the image. Rodney O & Joe Cooley's "Everlasting Bass" and The Lover II's "Terminator". Side B of The Lover II I Still Hurt was one my secret records I used play live. Very few deejays knew of this record and it was one the joints that set me apart from other deejays during the late 80's. Then as now, a Deejay should always a few joints no other deejay plays in his crates.

DJ Format
Escape From New York
(2018) | 68 MB|

DJ Format - Escape From New York

MC Twist and the Def Squad ~ I Like It Loud
Rodney O & Joe Cooley ~ Everlasting Bass
MC Sway & King Tech ~ King Tech
Sir Mix-A-Lot ~ Electro Scratch
2 Live Crew ~ Ghetto Bass
Dynamix II ~ Purple Beats
Party Rock Crew ~ Basstown
MC Player ~ H.M. Microphone Maniac
The Lover II ~ Terminator
The World Class Wreckin' Cru ~ Cabbage Patch
Tricky D ~ Rhythm Come Forward
P.D.F. Crew ~ Do It
Le Juan Love ~ My Hardcore Rhymes
Balli and The Fat Daddy ~ Masterplan
Anquette ~ Ghetto Style
Prime Time ~ He's Def
MC Shy D ~ Don't Sweat Me
S.O.S. Massive ~ Pure Madness
Kooley C ~ Watchin My Style
A.T.C. ~ This Beat Is Def
Magic Mike (ft. Quesse) ~ Catch Me If You Can

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