DJ Shame - Funky Abstract Brother

Props to DJ Step One for posting rare mix from DJ Shame on his site Only Built For Zshare Links.

I'm not sure when this mix was made only it was in early 90's and there was no cover I could find thus this custom image will have to do. Also as it most tape rips rips there are volume dips in certain segments of the mix so I amplified the volume to have a more consistent volume level throughout the mix.

"DJ Shame of Vinyl Reanimators fame mixing up some '92 Hip Hop with a few original samples and breaks chucked in. This is about a "proper" a mixtape as you can get - no shouts or exclusives, just dope music for 90 minutes."
DJ Step One

DJ Shame
Funky Abstract Brother
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DJ Shame - Funky Abstract Brother

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