DSFL Broadcast #06

With the sixth episode of the DSFL broadcast I originally plan on releasing a Hip Hop tribute mix being November is Hip Hop month. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the mix and had the choice to either rerecord the mix or create a new mix and ultimately I decided to do the latter.

Now here's quick mix featuring Madchild, Slaine, King Tee, Big Daddy Kane and even a little known tune from De La Soul.

The Dynamic Hamza 21
Broadcast #6
(2002) | 55 MB|

DSFL Broadcast #6 (2017)

Madchild - Drama
Slaine - Slaine Is Dead
King Tee ft. Dr Dre, RC & Crystal - Step On By
Dragon Fli Empire ft. Ghettosocks & Def 3 - Gimme the Mic
De La Soul - Hey DJ
Destruct & Hi Fly - Move Fast (Blank Pages)
Miss.She.iLL. - They Call Me
Big Daddy Kane - Dance With The Devil (Album Version)
Guerilla Black Ft. Nate Dogg - What We Gonna Do
Mystic ft. Planet Asia - W

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