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I do not how long Bobby Corridor will be dropping these late 80's early 90's weekly Hip Hop mixes but I'll continue posting them.

These mixes are a slap to face for all those deejays who make "old school" mixes yet only play radio hits. Bobby demonstrates digging pays off.

Bobby Corridor
How (On Earth)
(2017) | 72 MB|

Trio Connection- Astoria's In The House
Majestic Productions- This Is The Jam
T La Rock- Nitro
Freddy B and The Mighty Mic Masters- Coolin' On The Ave
Ruthless Rod and MC Dollar- As I Break 'Em Down
CIA- Ill Legal
Euro K- Swing It
Kold Gettin' Busy- Serious Funk
Greyson and Jasun- Livin' Like A Trooper (Rob remix)
45 King and Lakim Shabazz- Turn It Out
KGB- Big Payback
Das EFX- They Want EFX (remix)
Black AG- Honey Hamma
Black Moon- Who Got The Props (MW Smooth mix)
Supreme Nyborn- It's Like That
Sweet Tee- It's Like That
Original Concept- Can You Feel It
2 Live Crew- Check It Out Y'all
Ready To Roll- Ready Ta Roll
Fuschnickens- La Schmoove (remix)
Kam- I Want Action
DJ Mink- Soul Tip
DJ Duquan and The Wonderluv Dan- Let The Music Play
On The Down Low- Dat Tunes (Jazz mix)
Roxanne Shante- Big Mama
The Mighty Maestro- The One Man Band Strikes Again
The Jaz- Word To The Jaz

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Bobby Corridor
How Do
(2017) | 79 MB|

JVC Force- Skip 2 My Loop
Sir Fresh and DJ Critical- Gimme Whatcha Got
Steady B- Serious
Chill Rob G- Court Is Now In Session
MC Shan- I Pioneered This
Del the Funky Homosapien- Dr Bombay
Stetsasonic- Funk Around
Low Profile- Funky Song (remix)
OG Style- This Is How It Should Be Done
Von Love- This Is How It Should Be Done
Bizzie Boys- Hold The Lafta
Kid N Play- Gettin' Funky
Quonx- Many Many Rhymes Away
Scholar 1- Turn Up The Radio (Funky Weekend mix)
Kickin' Live Posse- Bad Boy
Rapzologist Dee Nice- Dee Hardest Hard
DJ Prince Ice- Funkygitdown
Nile Kings- Listen To The Light
Sha'dasious- I'ma Put My Thing Down
Lord Aaqil- Kid What's Your Name (Demo version)
MC Mitchski- Let's Dance
Balli and the Fat Daddy- Masterplan
Downtown Science- Radioactive
Super Lover Cee and Casanova Rudd- Super Casanova
Total Devestation- Coming Up Hard
Kings of Swing- Nod Your Head To This
Arabian Prince- Let The Good Times Roll
Grandmaster Melle Mel and The Furious Five- Drug Wars

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Bobby Corridor
And Sometimes How
(2017) | 69 MB|

True Mathematics- Get Funky Everybody
Verbal Threat- Ironman
Heavy Action- He's Treacherous
Full Volume- Do You Feel Alright?
Mister Master- Wait
Sinisters of Sound- The Boy Is Fierce
JVC Force- Nu Skool
The Brothers- Memories
Disco Twins and Starchild- There It Is
The Bizzie Boyz- Dope
Singing MC Breeze and DJ Trevor- Damn I'm Good
Total Silence- Young Man
Divine Force- My Uptown Beat
Le Juan Love- My Hardcore Rhymes
Ultramagnetic MCs- Funky Potion
True Mathematics- K.A.O.S.S
Kid Flash- Mind Your Business
Skinny Boys- Skinny (They Can't Get Enough)
The W.I.S.E Guys- Time For Peace
D Moet and X Calibur- Goodfoot
V.I.C.E- Talk That Talk
Prince Quick Mick and Derrick Dee- Good Foot
Fastbreak and Supreme- My Time
T La Rock- I'm Gettin' Mine

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Bobby Corridor
How Is It
(2017) | 69 MB|

The Nonce- Mix Tapes (81st Street Subliminal remix)
Casual- Me O Mi O
Motion Man- Not The One For Conversation
Mad Kap- Beddie Bye
Rude Rydims Experiment- Tear It Up Y'all
Lord Finesse- Check The Method
Sir Menelik- So Intelligent
Mannish- Jive U The Man
Artifacts- Flexi Wit Da Tech (nique)
Funkdoobiest- Shittin' On 'Em
Krumb Snatcha- Gettin' Closer To God
Reflection Eternal- Fortified Live
Freshco and Miz- Ain't U Freshco
J Zone- It's Da Bomb
Money Boss Players- Walk With A Limp
Del Tha Funky Homosapien- Undisputed Champs
Natural Resource- They Lied
Shazzam X- Down For My Crown
Das EFX- Dedicated (DJ Spinna remix)
Chubb Rock- Yabadabadoo
Brand Nubian- Allah U Akbar (remix)
Tha Alkaholiks- Feel The Real
Pete Rock and CL Smooth- I'll Take You There (remix)
Broadway- Will To Survive
Das EFX- Real Hip Hop (Pete Rock remix)

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