Deejay Eveready - Trapped In The 90's

An 90's Hip Hop mix with same songs you always hear on other mixes? No, Deejay Eveready gives us a mix filled with album joints and tracks from lesser known artists of the era like J-Live, Jemini the Gifted One, Dread Scot and more.

Deejay Eveready
Trapped In The 90's
(2013) | 66 MB|

Deejay Eveready - Trapped In The 90's (2013)

Trapped in the 90's Intro - Eveready
Stress - Organized Konfusion
Whirlwind Thru Cities - Afu Ra
Can I Get It? - J-live
Back In The Day - Dred Scott
Act like u want - Evil D Remix - Black Moon
Next universe - Mos Def
Interlude - Eveready
Day One - D.I.T.C
Do you believe? - Beatnuts
Brainstorm - Lord Finesse feat. O.C. & KRS One
Spit - Show & Ag
Iceburg Slick - Real Live
Can't Stop Rockin' (tribute) - Jemini The Gifted One
Back at you - Mobb Deep
True 90's Shit - Eveready Feat Supastition
One Step - Killah Priest
Street Jeapody - Wyclef Jean
In the sunshine - Fruits of Labour (Wizdom Life & Matt) Feat Talib Kweli
Give it to 'Em L - Big L
Music Evolution (Dj Premier remix) - Buckshot Lefonque
Shine - DAS EFX
Listen up - E-Rule
Travelling Man - DJ Honda feat. Mos Def
Outro - Eveready

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