Bobby Corridor - How's That?

Yet another sureshot mix from Bobby Corridor! After a few months hiatus Bobby is seemingly hitting us with weekly mixes. I do not know how long this will last but I'm loving his batch of mixes.

Bobby Corridor
How's That?
(2017) | 76 MB|

Bobby Corridor - How's That? (2017)

D Moet and X-Calibur - Dance to XCalibur
Father MC - My Beat
Jewel T - Believe It Or Not
Steady B - Hit Me
LL Cool J - You'll Rock (Remix)
Point Blank MCs - What The Party Needs
Fat Boys - Fat Boys Scratch
MC Kelz - Mix Me Down Maestro
The New Style - Droppin' The Bomb
Asiatic Force - In Your Face
Kukoo - Real Kukoo
Brothers G.R.Y.M - How Do Ya Do
Scholarwise - The Number Once Sound
Common - Dooinit
Poetry - Everything I Do
A Tribe Called Quest - We Can Get Down
Slick Rick - It's A Boy (Remix)
Rude Rydims Experiment - Hypnotic Realism
Brothers of the Same Mind - Step Up To The Mic
Majestic Productions - Drop Method
MC Destruction - Comin' Off
Keefy Keef - Cause I'm Keefy Keef
Jomanda - I Like It (Instrumental)

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