Bobby Corridor - What The What

Yes another fabulous brand new mix from UK Mixmaster Bobby Corridor!

Bobby Corridor
What The What
(2017) | 77 MB|

Bobby Corridor - What The What (2017)

IBM Nation- I'm A Do What I Like
2 Deep- Beats N The Lines
TNT- Hotter Than Hell
Fifth Platoon- Hallelujah The Fifth Is Here
Hostyle- Mic Check (Here We Go)
MC Destruction- Blow Of Death
Heavy D and The Boyz- Let It Flow
Bolaji- In Demand
3D- Once More You Hear The Dope Stuff
Trapp (1 TD)- Go'in Gangsta
Scholar 1- Just Your Brother
L.I.E Posse- Rough Material
Kings Of Pressure- Give Me The Mic
Prime Rhyme Masters- You Need Discipline
Choice MCs- Let's Make Some Noise
Most Wanted- Calm Down
ESP- We Got It
Tragedy- Black Rage
Lady Tame- Tame 1 Unleashed
The New Style- Can't Win For Losing
Prince Lover Dalu- All Praise
KGB- Letters Of Three
DJ Quik- Quik Is The Name
Plush Bros- No Gun
Krispy 3- Coming Through Clear
Pleasure and The M.O.B- No Escape From The Underground
Paris- Panther Power
Eric B and Rakim- Hypnotic

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