DJ Fakts One - The Next Episode

I knew when I saw forylla post this on The Mixtape Unites this would be a superb mix.

DJ Fakts One
The Next Episode
(2001) | 76 MB|

DJ Fakts One - The Next Episode (2001)

Side A

DJ Red Alert Intro
Akbar Freestyle
Nas - Got Yourself...
Big Daddy Kane - 3's Company
Encore - It's Time
Mr. Lif & Del Tha Funke Homsapien - 360 remix
Lifesavers - Touch Something
Edo G. - Questions
Take 2 and Pass Interlude
Poison Pen - Top Of The Food Chain

Side B

Que D & Jaydee - In Yo Face
Edan - Adrenaline Rush
Planet Asia - Pure Coke
Lexicon - The L
Gangstarr - The Squeeze
Akro & Breez - grown men
Mobb Deep ft. Noyd - Burn
J Live - Don't Play

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Side A

Side B

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