Bobby Corridor - Strong N Stable

Here's another sureshot mix from Bobby Corridor! He really goes back and digs deep as evidenced by the tracklist.

I rarely get nostalgic but it being Ramadaan, fasting for 15 hours a day, with low energy the mind tends to wander. Hearing that Heavy D remix really took me back, I actually forget that remix existed. It has me remembering hangin out with DJ Suicidal in 1989 listening to Heavy D's Big Tyme album and all great albums released in the late 80's.

Bobby Corridor
Strong N Stable
(2017) | 108 MB|

Bobby Corridor - Strong N Stable (2017)

Hardcore - Take It From The Top
Sir Clank - Get Loose
Black Demand -All Rappers Give Up
Reel Deal - Drippin’ Dope
Success N Effect - Blueprint
Stezo - Freak The Funk
Robbie B and DJ Jazz - Heart Of South Philly
Krown Rulers - Paper Chase
Nu Sounds - Condition Red
Rich Fresh -Party Rocker
Unique Poet Supreme - Lyrically Climbing
Phase N Rhythm -Swollen Pockets
Snoopy - Taking Your Business
Bobcat - I’m Serious
Casper - Adrenalin
Skinny Boys - Set The Pace
Chief Groovy Lou - I Love New York
OFTB - Slangin’ Dope
Heavy D and The Boyz - More Bounce (Remix)
Baritone Tiplove - Smaller Than A Molecule
Funkmaster Flex and Nine Double M - Talk About The Green

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