Is The End Near?

I often have said over the past two years or so about the dying breed of Hip Hop deejays. Every week presents a very frustrating and depressing state scouring the mix sites, blogs and forums to find true school Hip Hop mixes.

It's quite easy to find top notch BBoy breaks mixes, and Funk mixes in comparison. However for Classic Hip Hop and underground Hip Hop mixes not so much. Every "Classic". “Old School” , or “Golden Era” (a phrase I always hated) mix seems to have the exact set of tracks and deejays today have all but abandoned new underground Hip Hop for the latest trend of club music.

All the work involved to post twice weekly for the past nine years has left me worn out and my passion for the site is waning. I decided and then changed my mind twice about closing the site within the past three months. Yet I have a goal in mind to continue on with the site until it's 10th anniversary as a mixtape site in February of 2018.

Thus I have decided starting this week there will be no more Thursday posts and will only be posting on Mondays.

Also in the near future I will be begin a monthly broadcast and add a new monthly feature to the site so although there will be less posting there will more content on the site.

Peace & Blessings

The Dynamic Hamza 21®

Hip Hop since 1982.


Bigchewp said...

That's sad to hear. I for one look forward to your posts. I regards to underground hip hop mixes check out the Southern Vangard(spelled without the U) podcast, if you haven't already. Mix of new underground hip hop on Tuesday interview tgurs

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...


Despite the growing plethora of new Underground Hip Hop groups and artists out there not many deejays make underground mixes today therefore after 2018 I'm not sure I can continue with a site dedicated to hip hop deejays.

Southern Vangard? I think I seen that name before but never listened to their shows. I'll give them a listen.