DJ Lee - Appetite For Destruction

Nothing but superb late 80's and early 90's boom baptastic Hip Hop. Not expertly mixed and a bit long but superb none the less.

DJ Lee
Appetite For Destruction
(2017) | 103 MB|

DJ Lee - Appetite For Destruction (2017)

Lord Finesse - Set It Off Troop
Dooley-O - Headbangers Ball
Phill Most Chill - On Tempo Jack
Sindecut - Sindecuts Kickin Yeah!
NWA - Appetitie For Destruction
Emskee - No Image
Intelligent Hoodlum - Trag Invasion
Ultramagnetic MCs - Feelin It
Ruthless Rod & MC Dollar - As I Get Funky
Stetsasonic - Miami Bass
Eric B & Rakim - Musical Massacre
Hard Knocks - Opposite Side
Public Enemy - Who Stole The Soul?
Unique - Axe Maniac
Jungle Brothers - Tribe Vibes
Master Ace - Can't Stop The Bumrush
Caveman - Fry You Like Fish
Cage 1 - Straight From Cage
Gang Starr - 2 Steps Ahead
Eric B & Rakim - Untouchables
Big Daddy Kane - Wrath Of Kane
C$Money & DJ Chase - Put Em To Rest
Hijack - Hold No Hostage
Schoolly D - D Is For
Tuff Crew - She Rides The Pony (Remix)
Ice-T - Hit The Deck
Silver Bullet - 20 Seconds To Comply (Final Conflict)

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