DJ Stoo - Up From The Underground

True school Hip Hop mixes are hard to find these days so when you find one (and especially one spotlighting west coast artists) you can't help but be excited to hear something that makes your head nod.

DJ Stoo
Up From The Underground
(2010) | 35 MB|

DJ Stoo - Up From The Underground (2010)

Blessings - Visionaries
Gotta Question For Ya - Living Legends
Multiples - Atmosphere
At The Helm - Hieroglyphics
Two Turntables n A Mic - Black Moon
It's The L - Lexicon
Night Fall - Tash
Live From Master Control - Da Beatminerz Ft. Dilated People & Chali 2na
The Militia - Gang Starr
Battle Axe Exclusive - Swollen Members
World of Entertainment - Jurrasic 5
Escape the Toyota Matrix - 2Mex Ft. LMNO
Que Dices - Black Eyed Peas
Verbal Murder - Ras Kass

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