Bobby Corridor - Yes June

Here's another solid mix 80's and 90's Hip Hop from Bobby Corridor. You got to love any mix that has joints from King Tee and Dilated Peoples.

Bobby Corridor
Yes June
(2016) | 69 MB|

Bobby Corridor - Yes June (2016)

Early D- Backstabber
Big Daddy Kane- Something Funky
Steady B- Get Physical
Mellow Man Ace- Hip Hop Creature
Von Love- The Art of Freestyle
Too Poetic- Do for Self
Ultimate Force- Another Hit
King Tee- Ruff Rhyme
BZ2 MCs- We’re Troopers
Unique- Pure Dynamite
Showbiz and AG- Catchin’ Wreck
Mindspace- Who Got the Funk?
E Rule- Synopsis
Maylay Sparks- I Mani
Dilated Peoples- Triple Optics
Tha Alkaholiks- Next Level
Black Attack- Verbal Attack
Mos Def- Next Universe
Quasimoto- Put a Curse On You
Slum Village- Players
MC Mitchski- Brooklyn Blew Up the Bridge
Rockwell Noel and Poet- Beat You Down
MC Shan- Beat Biter
Cool C- Juice Crew Dis (instrumental)

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