Bobby Corridor - What July For

Taking us on a ride of little known and fast paced 80's Hip Hop, this by far is the best of all Bobby Corridor mixes released this year. If you don't enjoy this mix you're not a true Hip Hop head.

Bobby Corridor
What July For
(2016) | 74 MB|

Bobby Corridor - What July For (2016)

The Together Brothers- Back in the Day
Hostyle- Let the Rhyme Flow
Aziatic- I Can’t Stand It
Partners in Crime- Do You Know What I’m Saying
Black Rebels- On a Mission
MC Gee Que- A Strong Rhyme to Step To
B Chill- Who’s the Real Kingpin
Penthouse Players Clique- Explanation of a Playa
M Walk and King Saul- I’m the King
Jungle Brothers- What’s Going On
UMCs- Any Way the Wind Blows
Sir Fresh and DJ Critical- Gimme What You Got
2 Smooth MCs- Give It All You Got
Tru Funk Posse- Break the Beat (inst)
On the Down Low- Dat Tunes
His Majesti- MMOB Style Chronicles
Style- Pray for Death
The New Style- Start Smokin’
Kaos- Play It in the Day
Chief Groovy Lou- Got ‘Em Running Scared
Showbiz and AG- Soul Clap
Tim Dog- Bronx Nigga (Blue Note mix)
Nubian Crackers- Clap Your Hands (Pork Free Bonus)

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