Deen Drums & Rhymes 2

I finished this mix months ago but held back on releasing it for various reasons. Now since we are in month of Ramadaan and death of Muhammad Ali a few days ago I feel it is the right time to release this sequel to my 2010 Deen Drums & Rhymes mix. As with my first volume this is NOT an Islamic Hip Hop mix but an underground Hip Hop mix with artists that are Muslim.

The Dynamic Hamza 21®
Deen Drums & Rhymes 2
(2016) | 146 MB|

Deen Drums & Rhymes 2 (2016)

Deen Drums & Rhymes 2 (2016)

Lupe Fiasco - Hurt Me Soul
The Left - The Melody
Journalist 103 ft Freeway - Danger
Markis Precise ft Brother Ali - The Feeling of Flying
Camp Lo - Coolie High (DJ Iron Remix)
Vinnie Paz - Street Wars II (Thomax Remix)
Journalist 103 ft Freeway - Danger
Malik B and Mr. Green ft. Skrewtape - Crown Of Thorns
One Be Lo - Jenny (Thomax Remix)
Everlast - God Wanna
Da Youngstas - I'll Make You Famous
Suheir Hammad - Mike Check
Sean Price - Straight Music
HANiF. + 5th Sequence - Speakeasy
Manifest One - Friends
Baraka Blue ft Abdul Aziz - One Line
Saheed & Numonics - Moving Things Around
Idasa Tariq - Tainted Remix
Imagine This - Do It
Chali 2na - Show Me
Akon - Ghetto
Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Industry,Life
Oddisee - Belong To the World
Narcicyst - P.H.A.T.W.A.
Blak Madeen ft Divine Styler & Rite Hook - Devil's Shadow
Mos Def ‎– New World Water
Raekwon ft Tiffany Villareal - The Hood (Hamza 21 Remix)
Q-Tip - Breathe And Stop (TenDJiz)
Adrian Younge & Ghostface Killah ft Raekwon - Blackout
Cilvaringz - Ninja Stars

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