DJ Return - Bounce, Rap,Break Roll

Here's a nice cohesive mix with early and mid 80's Hip Hop and 80's "boogie" R&B. Dispersed with plenty of gems overall it's definitely worth a listen.

DJ Return
Bounce, Rap, Break, Roll
(2011) | 85 MB|

DJ Return - Bouce, Rap,Break Roll (2011)

Syreeta – Move It, Do It
T-Ski Valley – Never Let Go (Rap & Breaks)
Spyder D – Smerphies Dance
Les Femmes – Yes, You Thrill Me
Fonda Rae – Over Like a Fat Rat
Just Four – Jam to Remember (Disco Mix & Breaks)
Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three – Request Line
Videeo – Closet Freak (Special Mix)
The Whispers – Keep on Lovin’ Me
Convertion – Let’s Do It
Casper – Casper’s Groovy Ghost Show
Super Wolf – Super-Wolf Can Do It
Capt. Crunch & The Funky Bunch – The Gigolo Groove (Party Version)
Bon Rock & Cotton Candy – Junior Wants to Play
Little Toni Marsh – Video Burnout
Planet Patrol – Rock At Your Own Risk (Instrumental)
John Blair - Momma Said Shut Up

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