Skeewiff - Golden Age Of Library Mix

Skeewif, known more for their Breakbeat and Ghetto Funk remixes, delve into deep Funk with this mix made exclusively for Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show on BBC radio 6. Fans who love Ian Head's mixes should love this mix as well.

Golden Age Of Library Mix
(2014) |72 MB|

Skeewiff's Golden Age Of Library Mix (2014)

Johnny Pearson — Back Beat
Daniel Janin — Danhi Dinha Mantha
Jean Claude Petite — Psychedelic Portrait
Keith Mansfield — Morning Broadway
Keith Mansfield — Powerhouse Pop
Jack Arel - Ahmedabab Theme
Alan Hawkshaw — Senior Thump
Super Breaks — Super Chick
Keith Mansfield — Funky Fanfare
Brian Bennett — Boogie Juice
Jack Arel - Strange Garden
Dick Walter — Greyhound Runaround
Steve Guy — Go For Broke
Leigh Gracie — Backyard Boogaloo
Jack Arel/Jean Claude Petite — Strange Galaxy
Alan Hawkshaw — Studio 69 (Theme from Dave Allen)
Mandingo — The Headhunter
Duncan Lamont — Funky Express
Keith Mansfield — Exclusive Blend
James Clarke — Boogaloo Smith
Keith Mansfield — Brass In Action
Roger Davy — Crazy Flute Happy Guitar
Laurie Johnson — The Trendsetters
London Music Works — Captain Pugwash

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