Soulful Melodies Volume 4

Well it quite a bit of time has passed since I released Volume 3 of my Soulful Melodies series. Four years to be exact! I always intended to release a volume 4 but somehow other concepts for mixes seemed to catch my interest over the years. Now with a bit inspiration I decided to finally produced and release volume 4 of my R&B meets Hip Hop blends mix series.

This is not the final volume within the series, at some point I do plan on releasing four other volumes in future. There will be Volume 5 some time later this year but the other volumes may have wait until next year.

I added to two new sites for listeners to stream my mixes and Audio Mack. One thing to note Audio mack allows for downloads but does not. As well as for those concerned about data usage streams at higher bitrate then most other sites.

The Dynamic Hamza 21
Soulful Melodies
Volume 4
(2015) |62 MB|

Soulful Melodies Volume 4

Soulful Melodies Volume 4

En Vogue - Whatever (Blend)
Usher - U Remind Me (Blend)
Ashanti - Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) (Blend)
Tevin Campbell - Goodbye (Blend)
After 7 - Night Like This (Blend)
SOS Band - Even When You Sleep (Blend)
Zhane - Vibe (Blend)
Lloyd - You (Blend)
El Debarge ft. Faith Evans - Lay With You (Blend)
Aaliyah - I'm So Into You (Blend)

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