DJ S-ky The Cookinjax - Represent Underground

I had this mix within collection for over a year now. With the closure of Rapidshare the link to this mix died thus I decided to post it for all those who do not have sensational mix of underground Hip Hop from Japan's DJ S-ky.

Shout out to Jamo at Let The Brainz Blog for the link.

DJ S-ky The Cookinjax
Represent Underground
(2010) |164 MB|

DJ S-ky (Cookinjax) - Represent Underground (2010)

Socialistik - Float To It
Nitebreed - Beep Out The F-Words
Reggie Capers - Mo' Bang
Parafruit From The Bonedice - Keep It In The Closet
Hillfiguz Break It On Down
Massive Ring - The Funk Wrecker
Sick Lyrical Damager - Makin Millz
Sick Lyrical Damager - Everybody
Big Pro The Future Is Now
Sound - Action For Real
The Incredible Ease - All Praises Due
Drama Klub - The Heist
Gashouse Rhyme For The Battle
Reckanize & Mr. Sta Puff Hip-Hop Don'T Stop
Harlem Knight - Getting Money
Draztik Mezurz - The Heat Is On Your Ears
Nitebreed The Prince Of Darkness - Son Of Set
Reggie Reg - Nj Connection
Blackstract - Bkny
Lord Eternal - Display Jewels
P-Dap - 1200 Technics
Kaotic Disciples - The Collective
Jaleel - I Call It Like I See It
Eternal Family - #Rd Worl Showdown Pt1
L.M.S. - Pure Necessities
Slum Brothers - Fool's Paradise
Vision Quest - Soul Clique
Labtekwon - Pharoah Of The Kayo
KMD - Plumskinzz (Black Bastards 1-2 Ver.)

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