Bobby Corridor - Equipt

Another quality mix from Bobby Corridor. As you should all know Bobby likes to dig deeper than most deejays and will find this mix containing many tunes you have never heard before or forgetton about over the years.

Bobby Corridor
Equipt (2015)
(2015) |138 MB|

Bobby Corridor - Equipt (2015)

PHD - I’m Flippin’ (Video mix)
EPMD - Rampage (Hardcore To The Head remix)
45 King - Another Club Trax
Eric B and Rakim - Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em (acapella)
Da King and I - Brain 2 U
Style - Victim To The Vinyl
KMC - Psycho
JT - Brainstormin’
MC Peaches - Treat Her Like A Lady
Roxanne Shante - Trick Or Treat
Grand Puba - Lickshot
Rough House Survivers - On The Flex
Black Moo n - F**k It Up
MC Trouble - Well Equipped
Yo Yo - Stompin’ To Tha ‘90s
One Step Beyond - One Step Beyond Dope
Tim Dog - Dog’s Gonna Getcha
Aaron Dee - Gettin’ Trife
Ministers of Black - One Of A Kind
Kaos and Mystro - Mass Confusion
Posse Deep - Side FX

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