R.A.P.E. - Rap Against Phony Entertainers

Over the past 15 years the US Hip Hop music industry has gone from bad to worse. With the rise of corporate interests taking hold in 1997 (Here) to fully controlling and decimating the the whole US music industry in 2005 (the 360 deal was not the norm in industry until after 2005!) Not only has music in general suffered but Hip Hop and Rap has been totally and whole fully been hijacked,controlled, and owned by ivy league wall street corporate raiders who know absolutely nothing about music.

Where in the past, when there were six major labels, label heads were music people who's business was the music industry . Now the business people has turned the music industry into a clone of other industries.

By eliminating unprofitable products (artists,genres,etc), controlling all avenues (all major labels are major stock holders of media companies) and marshaling all resources to promote a handful groups, (with all same sound), the music industry has never been in such a horrible state.

Now this mix based upon the infamous line in 3rd Bass hit single "Pop Goes The Weasel" features fantastic Hip Hop from artists and groups known to still have a presence within Hip Hop culture. No manufactured groups or artists, no usurpers who have not paid any dues in their career (Odd Future, Kendrick Lamar, Tyga,etc). Only true school Hip Hop from real Hip Hop artists.

Honestly, I do not know whether or not mainstream Hip Hop can recover and produce future classic material as with before 2005 but I aim to continued to discover and present superb Hip Hop from today and refused to be stuck in past and think Hip Hop past was all there ever will be.

The Dynamic Hamza 21®
Rap Against Phony Entertainers
(2015) |132 MB|

R.A.P.E. - Rap Against Phony Entertainers

R.A.P.E. - Rap Against Phony Entertainers

Big Bad Baragon ft. Don Phenom as Fee Diddy - 845 In Newburgh
Big Shug - Bang 'Em Down
Brother Ali & Jake One - Grandma And Them
Miss.She.iLL. - No Tellin'
Quiet On The Set ft. 2Mex - Why Must I
Elzhi - Blue Widow
DJ Dister ft Sadat X, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Pawz One - Clear The Lane
Black Roses - Wawaa
Sage Francis - Vonnegut Busy
Slaine - Destroy Everything
Tiff The Gift - Steak & Good Cheese
Dilated Peoples ft. Catero - Century Of The Self
MindsOne & Kev Brown ft Homeboy Sandman - Pop
The Four Owls - Judgment
Dragon Fli Empire - Supreme
2mex And Life Rexall Are Smartyr ft Die - Here To Help
Distinguished Gents ft. Chedda Chapp - Day After Day
Slimkid3 & DJ Nu-Mark ft. Del The Funky Homosapien & Murs - 1-10 Bouillon
Skyzoo And Torae - 4 Bar Friday
Gangstarr - Skills
Awon & Kameleon Beats - Brighter Days 2
Eslam Jawaad - Hip Hop Sucks

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