PlusOne - The Mixtape Unites Volume 3

Ukraine's DJ PlusOne delivers nice smooth ride of downtempo instrumental Hip Hop in new mix made for the site The Mixtape Unites.

Be sure to grab the first two volumes Here

The Mixtape Unites
Volume 3
(2015) |167 MB|

PlusOne - The Mixtape Unites Volume 3

Beatsystems - Second Joint
Figub Brazlevic - Tuttlingen Dodgers
DJ Regal - Old Friends
Bugseed - Secret Diplomacy
Figub Brazlevic - Sewer Sights
RomantiCut - Out Of Hours
Mc Bomber und Shacke One - Versteckt die Tochter (Instrumental)
Low Budget Soul - When I Call (Kev Brown Instrumental)
Freddie Joachim - Strawberries
ElekTro4 - Midtown, Thursday Evening
DJ Regal - Keep On
RickMal - Djaded
Surreal And DJ Balance - The Proof (SunBeats Instrumental)
ILL Treats - Gritty Digs
Dj Mentos - Flux
deeB - Pedestrian Flow (feat. DJ Dash)
Figub Brazlevic - Attack Of The Defenders
Pavel Ku x Mad One - Monday
deeB - Pop Up Horizon
Boora - From The Depths Of Time
Sudakillah - Talkin Shit
Yellah Bwooay - Luckybeat
Natural Sequence - Freedom Flower (Instrumental)
Esta - Luna
Robot Orchestra - All Around Us
Micbeatz x Mew19 - Hagakure
Dj Artd - Black and jazzy (Instrumental)
Figub Brazlevic - Smell The Words feat. Noritsu
Dj Artd - Green Forest (instrumental)
Blue Buttonz - The All Blue
deeB - Or Else
Waju & Garimastah - Alive ft. Muc J

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