Bobby Corridor - You're Welcome

Here's another solid mix of little known 80's and 90's Hip Hop from UK's Bobby Corridor. Other than Jorun Bombay I can not think of another deejay that digs as deep into classic Hip Hop as Bobby Corridor. Take note deejays; you do not have play the same old radio hits to make mix Hip Hop, dig a little, good music is there for those who search for it.

Bobby Corridor
You're Welcome
(2015) |151 MB|

Bobby Corridor - You're Welcome (2015)

Top Choice Clique - Peace Of Mind
Ultimate Force - One Of The All Time Greats
Craig G - Word Association
Underground Mafia - Dope Charge
Kid Capri - The Apollo
MC Swing Fly - Hard Copy
Stetsasonic - Forever My Beat
Mikey D and the LA Posse - Go For It
Mobski - Get With It
Roxanne Shante - Pay Back
Shelton D - We Can Do This
Tricky Tee - Good To Go
True Mathematics - After Dark
Too Nice - On A Mission
Ed Math - Behind The Bars
Ike Kapone and DJ AD - Don’t Act Dumb
YZ - Thinking Of A Masterplan (remix inst)
Stereo MD and Weasul- On The One
Freak L - Line For Line
TNT - Ride Sally Ride
Romeo Black - Same Old
45 King - Turn The Party Out

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