DJ Hazey 82 - A Different View

Over the past 2 years I have grown fond of the blends released by DJ Hazey 82. So much so I purposely never posted his previous blends on the site due wanting keep them to myself. Now in the spirit of generosity during the upcoming Eid ul Adha holiday I decided to introduce DJ Hazey 82 to those not in the know.

In a the newly released "A Different View" album you'll find fantastic blends featuring various midtempo boom bap, and sometimes jazzy, Hip Hop instruments. I'm especially loving that Tiff the Gift Blend. Definitely collection worthy!

DJ Hazey 82
A Different View
(2014) |162 MB|

DJ Hazey 82 - A Different View

Mr. SOS - Candyland (over 3582 - The E)
Need Not Worry & Carla Waye - You Too (over Dela - Long Life)
Shinsight Trio - Higher Velocity (over Kondor - Above The Planets)
J Rawls - That Very First Day [feat. Fat Jon] (over Confidence - Days Of My Youth)
Blue Scholars - Joe Metro (over Thomas Prime - Forever Eternal)
Home Brew - State of Mind (over Vanilla - NY)
Avatar the Articulate - The Setup (over DJ Koss - Supernatural)
The 49ers - What's Ya Life Like [feat. K.O. The Knockout] (over Concept - Definition Pt. 1)
Professor P & DJ Akilles - This Is It (over Phoniks - Rap For Hours)
Trace Blam - Saxy Strings (over Concept - Days Fly)
Bop Alloy - Recovery [Hold On] (over Joseph Jacobs - Mellow Moment)
Session - The Route Of Evil (over Bugseed - Midnight City Lights)
Epidemic - Illin Spree (over Side Effekt - The Essence)
The 49ers & Awon - Fresh Rhymes (over Bugseed - Moonlights)
Celph Titled - Miss Those Days (over Phoniks - Champagne Laced)
Beneficence - Heavy Hitters (over SoulChef - Blunt Love)
Tiff The Gift - Easy Does It (over Tantu - On My Way)
Supastition - The Declaration (over Confidence - Pen On Display)
Common Market - 40 Furrows (over Purpose - Rhymin Spazm)
Kno - Not At The End [feat. Tunji] (over Marcus D - Telos)
Don Cerino, NapsNdreds & Praverb - Last Hours (over ILLusionist - Fire)
Rebel Radio - Devil's Shoulder (over Kno - Valley of Death)
Ladybug Mecca - Parley To Parlet (over The Jazzment - Relazin)
Damu The Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic - Streamline (over Haz' Beats - Piano Theme)

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