Awon & Phoniks - Return To The Golden Era

When it comes this album by Awon & Phoniks, I'm speechless. There are no words to describe how superb this album is. Listening to this takes me back to 1994 when Hip Hop was getting a bit stale and then I heard "Do You Want More" by The Roots which revitalize my love Hip Hop.

This is proof as 9th Wonder once remarked "Hip Hop isn't for everyone". If you don't love this album you're not a Hip Hop fan.

Return to The Golden Era has everything a classic album should include; tight rhymes, solid vocal delivery by the mc and funky head noddin beats. Everything the Dilated Peoples new album wasn't and more.

While the original album delves into boom bap the remix album journeys into jazzy boom bap. Both are equally superb in their own way. Along with an appearance by Tiff The Gift, whom heads should take notice as her 2013 Better To Give album is stellar effort you need to add Return to Golden era to your regular playlist.

Awon & Phoniks
Return To The Golden Era

Awon & Phoniks - Return To The Golden Era

Midas Touch
Champagne Laced
Forever Ill ft Dephlow & Tiff The Gift
Street Saga
Blinded by the Riches
Blood In Blood Out
Rule of the Gun ft Dephlow
40oz Wisdom Interlude ft Pel
Get Yours
Move Back
Black and Blue Interlude
Correct Techniques
Above Water
Move Back (Phoniks Remix)
Rule of the Gun ft Dephlow (Phoniks Remix)
Blood In Blood Out (Phoniks Remix)

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Awon & Phoniks
Return To The Golden Era:
The Remixes

Awon & Phoniks - Return To The Golden Era - The Remixes

Street Saga (Remix)
Blood In Blood Out (Remix)
Champagne Laced (Remix)
Get Yours (Remix)
Rule of the Gun (Remix)
Forever Ill (Remix)
Above Water (Remix)
Blinded by the Riches (Remix)
Move Back (Remix)
Midas Touch (Remix)
Correct Techniques (Remix)

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