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Since blogsphere went crazy with Benji B's interview of Q Tip last week I thought I drop this upon the world.

Hardcore Hip Hop heads may be familiar with name M Boogie, founder of Blackberry Records ‎and later Ill Boogie records. With the closing of the record label some may wonder what happens when Hip Hop no longer becomes viable as a way to make a living.

In this business podcast Matt Theriault describes what happened when the label he founded was forced to shutdown due to the digital revolution. Although he doesn't go into detail about music business this interview should be inspiration for trying find hustle when a career in Hip Hop doesn't work out and one has start all over again.

Matt Theriault
(M Boogie)
How to Create Your “Do Over”
After a Failure
Eventual Millionaire
(2014) |31 MB|

Matt Theriault - M Boogie - Eventual Millionaire (2014)

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