Blog News 2014 - REQUESTS

As some of you may remember I ran contest to expose upcoming deejays to a wider audience (HERE) back in May of this year. Truly the contest was a dismal failure. Whether it was a lack upcoming Hip Hops or a lack deejays who still turntables or my marketing efforts were not cast wide enough, I didn't receive one submission. I had some queries about the contest but ultimately as I suspected, the dearth of Hip Hop deejays is immense.

In any case in the future I try again. I refuse to believe with history of great mixes that have been released over the years nobody is inspired to produce a fantastic Hip Hop/Funk mix of their own. As a young deejay comping up I was, and even still,today am inspired by my peers and elders thus I know there will great talent in the future that rival the great mixmasters of today and the past. Scratch nerdy can only go so far. As well as allowing mainstream music industry to dictate your playlist.

In my view history is repeating itself. Today's climate reminds of the mid 90's when many deejays were growing tired of playing radio hits and staring digging into Hip Hop's past and discovered the source material that was Hip Hop's foundation, namely old Funk and Jazz breaks. Which in time lead to more deejays exploring other forms of music like Bossanova ,Brazilian funk and jazz and 60's and 70's psychedelic Rock from around the world.

That is what separates the strong from the weak, the great from the mediocre, the dynamic from the static. Searching for the perfect beat is a quest few undertake yet there will always be those who do. Hence, the reason my early attempt to discover to new talent hasn't dissuaded me from trying again in the future.


I know many of you have been desiring me upload many of mixes from previous posts. With over eight years of posting mixes weekly I have quite a catalog of mixes that can not found elsewhere on the web. With that for a limited time I will entertaining only 20 requests, only two per person. You can use the contact form to send in your request HERE.

Remember you can only request  two files per person and the deadline is Saturday, August 2nd, 12PM PDT.


I 've meaning to redesign the site and as I always state time is an issue. However, nearly 80% of the work is done and DSFL will be ready to have new look by September's end. Thus please bare with me if you experience any glitches when visiting the site.

Well that's it for now,I know this has been long post so thanks for reading it. Eid Mubarak for all fellow Muslims around the world and thanks to all visitors,old and new, for continuing to visit DSFL. Unlike many of my peers I have no desire to stop searching and posting great mixes and music, if you keep coming back I will keep having something worthwhile for your enjoyment. Now go and listen to my new mix Lost And Found: the 45 King Blends and enjoy.

Peace & Blessings

The Dynamic Hamza 21®

Hip Hop since 1982.


chillone said...'s not your fault. people are lazy and i think most of the visitors are not dj's or that kind of stuff. you might loooking for other boards where artist and producers share ther works or working togethter.

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Chill I posted on a couple DJ and Hip Hop boards not juts my site. it seems many "DJ's" either are not into Hip Hop or use turntables. The ones that are into Hip Hop and still use tables are usually more established.

I could have reached out to many deejays to mix 45 kings blends but I did feel right asking for free. I rather pay the deejays I respect for their time and work. That is something I will do in future.

Instead of waiting for deejays to release mixes I enjoy I'll start paying deejays to make mixes I want to hear.