DJ Cheeva - Jazzy Hip Hop Essentials

Who doesn't love jazzy Hip Hop? I will gout on a limb and say if you don't love jazzy Hip Hop then you really don't love Hip Hop! Now this mix by Japan's DJ Cheeva will take you on a journey of very smooth, jazzy, boom bap Hip Hop.

DJ Cheeva
Jazzy Hip Hop Essentials
(2013) |152 MB|

DJ Cheeva - Jazzy Hip Hop Essentials

Partial tracklisting

Intro - DJ Cheeva's Blend & Cut
Renaissance Lone - Catalysts
Broad Factor (Koda Kumi Blend) - Quasimoto
Capture Your Mind - JazzLiberatorz
It Was Only A Song - JazzLiberatorz
The Promise - Starving Artist Crew
The Field - Sound Providers
Autumns Evening Breeze - Sound Providers
Somehow (Feat. Pismo) - DJ Tonk
Up & Down - Urbs & Cutex

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