Andy Smith & DJ Format - Hip Hop On Wax

I don't know how I missed this live all vinyl mix from 2013 by DJ Andy Smith and DJ Format. As you would expect prepare for many classics and lesser known tunes from 80's and 90's.

"A clip of DJ Andy Smith Presents 'Hip Hop on Wax' night at The Bussey Building, Peckham, London from 27.9.13. Format and me played about 2 and a half hours with 'one deck each' (Unfortunately I didn't have a fresh battery in the Hi MD recorder (Doh!) so had to keep flipping old ones in. I, therefore, didnt get the entire night recorded but did get this clip). Format is up first with the Black, Rock & Ron piece, then its one for one. I lost count of how many times one said to the other 'I haven't heard this one for years!' - More 'Hip Hop on Wax' all vinyl Old school Hip Hop nights to follow. I know there are other DJ's that drop these tunes I just meant 'In general nobody drops these tunes!' - Just clearing that up now! "
Andy Smith

Andy Smith & DJ Format
Hip Hop On Wax
(2013) |164 MB|

Andy Smith & DJ Format  - Hip Hop On Wax At Bussey Building

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