DJ Shortkut - So Much Soul 3 (FINALLY!!!!)

How many heads like myself have been waiting for this over the years? I know I've been searching for this mix for over 6 years and even reached out to DJ Shortkut a few times asking him post this mix. Now , finally, we all can have this our collection!

Unfortunately, I (and many others) missed when Shortkut posted this last week and for reasons I won't go into, my internet connection for the next few days doesn't allow me to access Mixcrate thus I can only post a link to DJ Shortkut's page on the site. For those of you who can't access Mixcrate I'll have a sendspace or uploading link for you sometime tomorrow,Tuesday May 27th.

DJ Shortkut
So Much Soul 3
(2004) | 87 MB|

DJ Shortkut - So Much Soul 3

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B. said...

Appreciate your site and the effort you put into it Hamza, respect.
Been looking for this So Much Soul series for a minute..any way to reup your previous posts in the series or point me to working links for them? Thanks again, Peace!

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Sorry B., I can't reupload the previous volumes but you can use these links for the first two volumes:

So Much Soul 1

So Much Soul 2