DJ Opportunity

Are you a new deejay or experienced deejaying looking to get some shine.

With my next mix (a blends mix) instead of mixing it myself I have decided to collaborate with another deejay! That could be you!!

Although I could very well reach out to the many deejays I "met" from various parts of the world to collaborate with me, I decided to open this opportunity to all the many deejays trying to be heard in today's era where everyone's deejay.

Back when I stated (in the mid 80's) all you needed was skills and the crowd would find you. Now with the overly crowded market where every day there's a new deejay appearing on the scene it's becomes more and more difficult for person with skills to get noticed.

With this opportunity for your (our) mix to heard by many of blogosphere's tastemakers this could what you need to get noticed and rise above the competition.

Now for the Rules:

    * You must be a Hip Hop, Funk or "Open Format" deejay; no EDM deejays
Exceptions will be made for a EDM DJ who has the skills of Jeff Mills (See Here)

    * You must have at least 1 year's experience producing mixes/mixtapes. As well as have released at least 1 mix within the last 12 months.

    * You must use turntables and DVS (Mixvibes, Serato, Traktor, Xwax, etc) - no cdj's or controller.

To apply send a message with the title "LostAndFound Collabo" to


In your message please supply the following information

1.Send your Deejay name and bio (experience as a deejay)
2.Link to a recent mix (mix must have released less than six months ago)
3.Contact info (email address)

Facebook fans nor twitter followers are irrelevant to be chosen for this opportunity. The winner will only be chosen based upon skills (technical ability, music selection, experience,etc). The chosen deejay will have 30 days (June 7th to July 6th) to complete the mix.

Submission deadline:
May 26, 2014 12pm PST

Only the first 50 submissions will be accepted

The Dynamic Hamza 21®

Hip Hop since 1982.

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Unknown said...

I am not a DJ but just a music head that thrives of Music and culture. I just want to give you props for even putting somebody else on. Turntables are a must...Love it!!!