DJ Disgo Dan - Rarekind Records Mix

This was the first time hearing a mix by UK's DJ Disgo Dan and I have to say I'm very impressed. Scratch nerds that can perform the latest whatever-call-it scratch are dime a dozen but a deejay that has great ears to select sensational music is very hard to come by these days. Those of you who enjoyed the Emskee mixes (Here) I posted over the past year should love this all vinyl mix of American and UK Hip Hop.

"A mix i did of Some Dope underground Hip hop that has come out on vinyl the last few months from the Formost - Dj Format & Phill most chill, Boca45, Jorun-pmc, Soundsci, Lord Finesse, Chrome & ill inspired, Dirty Dike, Verb T, Raw Product & Jehst & Ghettosocks.

Shout out to Rarekind records were i got all these records from."

DJ Disgo Dan

DJ Disgo Dan
Rarekind Records Mix
(2013) |57 MB|

DJ Disgo Dan - Rarekind Records Mix (2013)

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With my next mix (a blends mix) instead of mixing it myself I have decided to collaborate with another deejay! That could be you!!

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