Dance-Off Soundsystem - Love Saves The Day

In 2012 I posted a mix by KB & Airyad containing Hip Hop and breakbeats Here recently they have join forces with other deejays and MCs to form a collective called Dance-Off Soundsystem. This new mix from the newly formed group dips a little too much into EDM flavored breakbeats for my taste but I think many enjoy all high powered funky tunes within the mix.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Dance-Off!! are proud to announce a new offshoot of home-grown talent preparing to hit the parties, clubs and festivals all over the UK and beyond!

Introducing The Dance-Off Soundsystem... a crack team of DJs and MCs with a mission to spread the music, participation and spirit of the Dance-Off far and wide.

As if that wasn't enough, we have also got the brand new funky monster of a mix that we did for Love Saves The Day, now available for download. Stick it on a player and pump it out through the nearest speakers available , it will make your weekend better, probably.

Dance-Off Soundsystem

Dance-Off Soundsystem
Love Saves The Day
The Chubby Love Mix
(2014) |112 MB|

Dance-Off Soundsystem - Love Saves The Day

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With my next mix (a blends mix) instead of mixing it myself I have decided to collaborate with another deejay! That could be you!!

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