The Get Down Groove Volume 4

Despite my limited time I was able to complete Volume 4 within The Get Down Groove series. Overall, I feel the mix feels rushed. Due to financial issues I had to downsize my life and place my system in storage thus I was in a hurry to complete this mix within a week's time with only a few hours to work on the volume. However, as always with all my mixes,despite its flaws there is plenty of funky tunes to make your head nod. Enjoy.

The Dynamic Hamza 21®
The Get Down Groove
Volume 4
(2014) | 80 MB|

The Get Down Groove Volume 4

The Get Down Groove Volume 4

The Roots - You Got Me (Me Tienes Remix)
Lyrics Born - Hands Up (DJ Hazey 82 Soul Position Blend)
Miltia - Burn Remix
The Procussions - The Storm (DJ Hazey 82 Jurassic 5 Blend)
45 King Bachelor Party
Big Bad Baragon - BONG
De La Soul - Simply Havin
The Whooliganz - Put Your Handz Up (QDIII Remix)
Chali 2na ft. Laid Law And DJ Dez - Welcome to The Fish Market
Cypress Hill - Dr Greenthumb
Mellow Man Ace - Babalu Bad Boy
Eleventh Hour - Hollywood Hot
Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance (Hamza 21 Break Edit)
Chuck Carbo - Can I Be Your Squeeze (Hamza 21 Break Edit)
DJ Day ft Jungle Brothers - What Planet What Station
David Camon - Gonna Have A Good Time
Rufus Thomas – Itch And Scratch (Part 1)
Marlena Show - Liberation Conversation
Creative Source - Who Is He And What Is To You
Ann Sexton - You're Losing Me
Afrika & The Zulu Kings ‎(Grandmaster Melle Mel,Ice T & Bronx Style Bob) – The Beach

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