PMichael619 - Funk Mix I And II

Not the smoothest of transitions but this mix does contain a fine selection of 80's RnB/Funk. Despite it's short comings this is certainly worth a listen especially for those who love 80's boogie Funk as I do.

Funk Mix
(2014) |65 MB|

PMichael619 - Funk Mix (2014)

I've Been Watching You - Kwick
Flakes Rap - Flakes
Move And Groove - Zoom
Say You Wanna - Howard Johnson
Exciting - Marc Sadane
Party Time - Aurra
Forever and Ever - Juicy
You Always Break My Heart - Jimmy G and the Tackheads
Lettin' It Loose - Heatwave

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Funk Mix II
(2014) |61 MB|

PMichael619 - Funk Mix II (2014)

Partial Tracklist

Reach Out - George Duke
Right Or Wrong - The Spinners
I've Been Watching You - Midnight Star
(I'm Just A) Sucker For A Pretty Face - West Phillips
Try It OUt - Klique

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