La Bise - Pitched Soul Selecta II

I was a bit irritated by the bus being late thereby making me late to start to my work day, but by listening to this compilation while riding to work it put me in relaxed mood. Certainly this is not everyone's cup of tea, more of a compilation than a mix but if you enjoy digging for music you should enjoy this collection of soulful and jazzy tunes.

"Sunny days are coming… Once again, we offer this season’s original soundtrack : a selection of soul pearls on vinyls. Classy and cuty, each disc were pitched so they were recorded faster than they should be (in 45 rpm instead of 33 rpm) ! Making the voices and the instruments sublime. Perfect for a spring sunday wake up ! This 20 minutes mixtape suits to the soul lovers and the hiphop fans as pitched voices are famous in this kind of music. By the way, a couple of samples are recognizable !"
La Bise

La Bise
Pitched Soul Selecta II
(2014) |30 MB|

La Bise - Pitched Soul Selecta II

Diana Ross - Medley
Lamont Dozier - Peddlin' Music On The Side
Anita Ward - You Lied (Sample original de Fabe "Comme Un Rat Dans Le Coin)
The Imperials - You Better Take Time To Love
Diana Ross - The Young Folks
Willie Hutch - Baby Come Home
Rose Royce - I'm Going Down
Duffy - Hanging on Too Long
Myriam Makeba - Quite it
One Self - Blue Bird

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