REPOST - Deejay Bird - Aerosolics Musical Burner

I had a number of requests to reupload this mix so for all those who don't have this in your collection, here you go.

For future reference, I can not accept any more requests for reuploads. I'm in the process of moving to a new residence thus I can't reupload any more mixes due to both time constraints and my archives will be in storage for awhile. In the future when things get settled, I'll be able to accept reupload requests again. Until then this will have this last one for now.


I couldn't track down any info on Deejay Bird but here's a graffiti themed mix from 1998 that I'm sure many will enjoy.

DeeJay Bird
Aerosolics Musical Burner
(1998) |105 MB|

Deejay Bird - Aerosolics Musical Burner

Side A
Spirit 1 - Pieces of Mind
Kaos 11 - Paint'd Bridge Collage
Lee - Wild Style Outlaw
Company Flow - End To End Burner
Lords of Brooklyn - Tales From The Rail
KRS-ONE - Out For Fame
Digable Planets - Graffiti
3rd Bass - Words of Wisdom
Ramo - What's Phase 2
Melle Mel - Beat Street
Melle Mel - Pump Me Up
Grandmaster Caz - Subway Rap
Lee - Obstacles of Vandalism
Rammelzee & Shockdell - Live At The Amphitheater
Treacherous Three - Get Up
Jas-One - Beyond Words
Mello E - Busterism
Black Thought & Rahzel - On The Go Graffiti
MC Breeze - Discobobulator
Mr. Dibbs - Lee's Throw-Up
Jec-One - Name On A Train
Beastie Boys - Stop The Train
Artifacts - Wrong Side of the Tracks
DJ Krush - What's Behind Darkness
Phantom Breaks feat. DJ Tommy Lee - Aerosoul (Part 1)
Iz The Wiz - Under The City
Earth Wind And Fire - Handwriting On The Wall
Ramo & Double K - The Other Side Outro

Side B
Mike Dream of Hobo Junction - Train Fame
Wild Style Theme Music - Inst.
Dondi - Inhale The Fumes
D.ST - Megamix II: Why Is It Fresh
Futura 2000 feat. Fab 5 Freddy & Dondi - Escapades Rap
Man Parrish - Hip Hop Be Bop
MC Flex And The FBI Crew - Rockin It
Sneakster - CTA's No Longer Safe
YZ - Taggin It Up
King 65 - A White Boy Writer
Wall of Fame Crew - King of the Line
Gang Starr - Just To Get A Rep
Cee-12 Prod. - Get A Rep
Gang Starr - Credit Is Due (instrumental)
Atmosphere - Multiples
Dilated Peoples - End of Time Revs - In God We Trust, In Transit We Bomb
Lee Scratch Perry - Roots Train
Vinyl Addicts feat. Spontaneous, Oats & Stizo - Vinyl Vandalism
Revs feat. Officer Joe McDonald - P.S.A.
Artifacts - Whassup Now Muthafucka
Beat Wars Style Street - Quantity vs. Quality
Rasco - Run The Line
Demon & The Knowmads - Top To Bottom
Phantom Breaks feat. DJ Tommy Lee - Aerosoul (Part 2)
Company Flow - Lune TNS
Smut Peddlers - One By One
Cost and Revs - Take Over The World
Positive K - Writing Tip
Artifacts - Return To The Wrong Side
Kwam - Endless Pieces
The Union & Patti Astor - There Will Never Be An End (Outro)

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