Miss.She.iLL. - The iLL.troduction

I've been fan of Miss.She.ill for awhile now. Some of you may recognize the name from me featuring one of her songs within my True School Beatdown series, particularly vol 4.

Now,finally, this Los Angeles native has release her debut album. With 17 tracks and one bonus track "The ILL.troduction" provides the Hip Hop fan something worthy to make your head nod.

As with most most albums,although I enjoyed the whole project, there were are only nine stand out tunes that I felt that was worthy to be included within my crates. Still The ILL.troduction is a soild debut from this up and coming emcee.

The iLL.troduction
(2013) | 104 MB|

Miss.She.iLL. - The iLL.troduction
Miss.She.iLL. - The iLL.troduction

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