Elmattic - Orientamalism

I've been sitting on this mix for awhile now. I met to post it last week but with so many great mixes released I lost track of this compilation.

Anyhow fellow blogger Elmattic collected various joints over the years that sampled Asian music and presented them for your enjoyment. I won't speak upon whether or not the sampling of Far Eastern sounds aligns with Edward Said's critique of Orientalism or not,I'll let you read what Elmattic wrote and allow you to decide for self.

"what happens when one dispossessed subculture idealizes another minority culture, borrows from it, but also reduces it to stereotypes of high-stepping, face-kicking wise men, moo goo gai pan, submissive females and plinkety-plunkety music? Given the lack of a power play, can hip-hop really be accused of orientalizing the Orient? Maybe we should call it orientamalism because it's not really driving in Edward Said's lane?"

(2013) | 77 MB|

Elmattic - Orientamalism

Hideyaface (Reminder Version) - Prefuse 73
I Already Know - Nas
Emperor's Main Course in Cantonese - Kid Koala
Enter the Ablist - Rob Swift
Watch Your Step - Percee P (feat. Vinnie Paz & Guilty Simpson)
Hawaii Dark - Booka B
Tall Tale of Denkufucious - Taiyamo Denku
Once Upon A Rhyme in Japan - Rakim
All In Japan (DJ Sardonic Smirk Mix) - Aesop Rock & Plasticman
Never Give Up - KRS-One
Dope On Plastic (Scratch Perverts Mix) - Uptown
Big Trouble in Little China - DJ Yoda (feat. Action Bronson & Alice Russell)
Live From Hue - Onra
BigaBand - Sizemen
How High (Isjberg Mix) - Wu-Tang Clan
Cellular Antiquity - DJ Espionage
Nightfall's Messenger - Hermitude
Bodhisattva Vow - Beastie Boys
Boong4 Boong3 Va Thet - Ban Nhac Le Go Vap (vs. Eric B)

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