Thursday, September 19, 2013

DJ P - Out Of Control

Classic mix from Rock Steady Crew's DJ P. Plenty of solid Hip Hop and nice blends.

This is a very limited reissue of D.J.P's underground "Out of Control" mixtape. Originally released in 1998 in an edition of 30 or so copies in Missouri and Oaklahoma, this stone-cold classic hip hop mix is now finally available to those outside of D.J.P's old boyhood crew. Featuring ridiculous "mash-ups" (or blends, as they are known to the more educated among us) of classic hip hop & electro with bizarre excursions into jungle and early trip hop (Gang Starr, ODB, Public Enemy, Portishead, JB's, Jeru, etc), this mix has been in demand for some time, and now you can finally pick it up.

Out Of Control
(1998) | 133 MB|

DJ P - Out Of Control

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