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Due time restraints I decided to format DSFL differently starting Monday, May 6th. Now instead of a short blurb describing the mix the new format will be
What: - here I will list the genre(s)
If you like: - here I will name another similar mix I previously posted for comparison
The Good: - here I will list some good aspects of the mix solid beatjuggling e.g

Yes it has happened I finally joined twitter. It's not as bad as I originally thought,luckily most of the people I follow don't post tweets that are barely legible. Anyhow for those who follow me beginning, today May 2nd and ending May 30th, I will also follow you back. You can follow me at:

I spent so much time of my latest mix due to be released on Monday,May 6th that I'm in-between ideas about my next mix. Should it be blends mix or Feel Good Feel Right vol 3 or a "Best of" mix?

From my point of view another volume of FGFR would be the most easiest but I've been itching to do a Best Of mix of a particular group for some time now. Also the idea of my blends mix is something I haven't seen any  other deejay done yet so I will be the first,that is very tempting and challenging to say the least! I will ponder over it this weekend and have answer of you by Monday but I would like to hear you thoughts. Hit me up on twitter,facebook or post comments below and tell what you think should be my next mix.

Well that's it for now until next week....
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