Inspire & Educate - The Role Of The Deejay

I've been meaning to make party mix for awhile and after my comments spawned a discussion on Pipomixes back in July.

" I mean, seriously who can't rock a crowd with radio hits of 80's & 90's? I miss the old days when 80% of what a DJ plays was new/or unknown tunes. There's plenty of solid Hip Hop release in last 10 years that is just as good or better than 90's Rap radio hits. Deejays,especially the more known ones ,need to step up their game."

Now I'm not suggesting not spinning any older radio hits but I'm am saying if your set contains exclusively 80's/90's radio hits then you're a lazy DJ. There so much incredible music out in world from 1950's until today,there's no reason to play it safe and only play well known well worn tunes like BBD's "Poison". Soley playing old radio hits demonstrates you don't dig for music,that you have became content with being a jukebox.

In my view the role of the Deejay is not playing what the crowd wants to hear since the crowd doesn't want hear new music and satisfied to listen to the same 500 songs over and over again. It's your job as a deejay to expose them to new music that is as good or better than they are used to hearing.

Another role of deejay is to inspire the young deejays and older deejays to step their game with their track selection and/or skills. That's how it was when I was coming up. Looking over all the deejays around me at that time (mid 80's) I was inspired and educated by all that I heard and seen. Now that is  certainly not the case today. Most deejays,even the celebrity DJ's have become mediocre. They have regressed to become nothing more than an average 80's wedding DJ,playing middle of the road for music for middle of the road people.

That's not me,never have been and never will. I'm not stuck in the past nor do I allow corporations to dictate what's a good song. I still dig for my music.


With Inspire & Educate - The Role Of The Deejay, even though, it's not a live mix I tried to keep a live feel to the mix. It's raw and gritty,very unpolished. I was slacking a bit,I didn't even finish the mix until last night (11 pm PST) that accounts for the roughness.

It may not be what you expect from a "Party Mix" (Psycho Realm & Public Enemy??) but it's exactly what I want to hear at a party/club.....unknown tunes,live blends,instrumentals, drum breaks and great music.

The Dynamic Hamza 21®
Inspire & Educate:
The Role Of The Deejay
(2012) |124 MB|

Inspire & Educate - The Role Of The Deejay

Inspire & Educate - The Role Of The Deejay

Defari ft. Noelle Scaggs - West West
Writer's Block - How We Chant
V3rb - Tiger
El Da Sensei & The Returners - Hard To Find
Live Radio - No Hooks
X Clan - Americans (Hamza 21 Break Edit)
Gavlyn - What I Do
Jay Z - So Ghetto
9th Creation - Bubble Gum (Hamza 21 Re Edit)
Lady Daisey - Soul Strut
Psycho Realm - Pow Wow
Grayskul - Us
AZ ft. Bounty Killa - Envious
Run DMC - Hit em Hard
Non Phixion - Drug Music Instrumental
Non Phixion - Drug Music
Ras Kass ft. Pharoahe Monch - C What I C
Action Bronson - Bag of Money
WC - West Coast Voodoo
Destruct & ID - What It Used To Be
Miss.She.iLL. Ft. Styliztik Jones - Tell 'Em What It Iz
Chi Ali - Roadrunner (ATCQ Puberty Mix)
Ice Cube - Steal The Show
DJ Nu-Mark ft. Ernie Hines - Our Generation (Re-Edit)
Fort Minor ft. Styles Of Beyond - Feels Like Home
Aceyalone & Rakaa Iriscience - Champions
NWA - Prelude (Hamza 21 Break Edit)
Uzoy - Now 'Til Infinity
Swollen Members - Bottom Line
Public Enemy ft. Brother Ali - Get Up Stand Up
Paul Nice - Break 1/16
Visionaries - Love (Hip Hop) (Acapella)
Reuben Howell - You Made Your Bed
Styles Of Beyond - You Lose
DJ Mane One - Outta Control
Abstract Rude ft. J Roz & Oracle - Weird Song
Madonna - Keep It Together (Bonus Beats)
Mr J Medeiros - Keep Pace
The Souljazz Orchestra - Conquering Lion
JJ Johnson - Pull Jabal Pull
JJ Johnson - Pull Jabal Pull (Hamza 21 Break Edit)
Lisa Bello - Jump Around (Acapella)
Joss Stone - Tell Bout It (Passean Edit)

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