DJ Milky - Underground Vibes Vol 1

If you love hearing little known 90's Hip Hop then this mix is for you. Japan's DJ Milky spins some seriously boom bap joints in this mix from 2009.

DJ Milky
Underground Vibes Vol 1
(2009) | 155 MB|

DJ Milky - Underground Vibes Vol 1

Rascalz - Funky Need (Remix)
Ghetto Concept - Deifitrec
Tha Tribezmen - Who Got The Vibe
Two Outta Millions - Time To Get Away
Reif Ruble - Bronx Keep Creatin' it
Shamus - Big Willie Style
Choclair - Twenty One Years
Ubad - The Legacy
Golden Smiles - We Got It
M.F. Grimm - Get Down
The Edge - Who's Dat Chick
Street Smartz - Metal Thangz
Lace Da Booms - Out That Weak Shit
The Hoodz - Blunted Hit
Dsa - Uncontrollable
Kamakazee - Spread It (Remix)
Dead Poetz Society - Lick A Shot (Remix)
Paw Dukes - Amazin
Da Ruckus - Maintain
Team Demolition - Feed Back
Wise Intelligent - Steady Slangin
One And One - Phenomenone
Cover - Underground Flow
Kombo - I Don't Stop
Da Fat Cat Clique - My Tracks
Psyclone - I'Sh Gotta Stop
Orfinz - Since Ya Wanna Be Down

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