Ice Cube - Tales From The Gangsta Vol One

Here it is the Volume One of two volume tribute mix to one of my favorite rappers...Ice Cube. With over 20 years making solid Hip Hop joints Cube is one of the most consistent rappers. Although as of late he seems be letting his sons OMG & Doughboy persuade him towards more of top 40 crap Rap sound Cube is still on point lyrically. In that regard he has never fallen off despite what the naysayers had said about his movie career choices.

With Volume One I tackle some quality Ice Cube tunes that cover the years 1990 to 1999 and with Volume Two (11.26.2012) I will delve into 2000 until present. Now sit back and enjoy some Tales From The Gangsta.

The Dynamic Hamza 21®
Ice Cube:
Tales From The Gangsta
Volume One
(2012) | 198 MB|

Ice Cube - Tales From The Gangsta Vol One Ice Cube - Tales From The Gangsta Vol One

The Peckin' Order
Who Got The Camera?
It Was A Good Day (Hamza Remix)
Ghetto Vet
U Ain't Gonna Take My Life
Earthquake - E-A Ski ft. Ice Cube
Game Over - Scarface ft. Ice Cube
Make It Ruff, Make It Smooth ft. K-Dee
3 Strikes You In
Dr Frankenstein
Cross 'em Out And Put A 'K - Westside Connection
Lil Ass Gee (Eerie Gumbo Remix)
Do You Like Criminals - Westside Connection
Men of Steel - Shaquille O'Neal ft. Ice Cube
A Bird In The Hand
Ghetto Bird
You Know How We Do It
You Know How We Do It (Remix)
Fuck Dying ft. Korn
Bow Down - Westside Connection
Ask About Me
All The Critics In New York - Westside Connection
My Loved One ft. Mr. Short Khop
The Gangsta, The Killa And The Dope Dealer - Westside Connection
Coming After You - MC Ren Ft Ice Cube
My Skin Is My Sin ft. WC
When Will They Shoot?
It's A Man's World ft. Yo-Yo
Cave B*tch
Really Doe
Cash Over Ass
Trepass - Ice T ft. Ice Cube
Look Who's Burnin'
What Can I Do?
Steady Mobbin'
Back From Hell Remix - Run DMC ft. Ice Cube & Chuck D
Check Yo Self ft. Das Efx
Givin' Up The Nappy Dug Out
I Wanna Kill Sam
Rollin' Wit The Lench Mob
The Wrong N***a To F*** Wit
Say Hi To The Bad Guy
Turn Off The Radio
Horny Lil' Devil
Don't Trust 'Em
Endangered Species (Tales From The Darkside) ft. Chuck D
The N***a Ya Love To Hate

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