DJ Flow - Rick James Part 1

DJ Flow or is it DJ Flowe? Anyhow this hour long mix of superb Rick James tunes is perfect listening for this holiday weekend. You can't go wrong with Rick James now can you?

DJ Flow
Rick James
Gone But Not Forgotten Part 1
(2012) |73 MB|

Rick Jame - Gone But Not Forgotten Part 1

Somebody's Watching You
So Soft So Wet
Stone City Band, Hi!
Mary Jane
Make Love To Me
P.I.M.P. the S.I.M.P.
Loosey's Rap
Bustin' Out (On Funk)
Spacey Love
West Coast Thing
Oh What A Night (4 luv)
Urban Rapsody
Call Me Up
Sexual Luv Affair
Ghetto Life
Fire It Up
Cold Blooded
You and I
Give It To Me Baby
Standing On The Top
Money Talks
Hard To Get
Love Gun
Dance Wit Me
Love Gun
Come Into My Life
Lovin You Is A Pleasure
69 Times
U Bring The Freak Out
Be My Lady
Below the Funk (Pass the J)
Super Freak
Dream Maker
Spacey Love
Oh What A Night (4 luv)
Fire And Desire
Good Ol Days

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