Steely Chan - Rawkus Lee

Brand new blends from Steely Chan. Combining Shawn Lee productions with acapellas from artists from Rawkus records Rawkus Lee has it's moments but overall I wasn't feeling many of blends as with previous Steely Chan remix albums. However the blends I did enjoy were superb enough to be added to my digital crates and will one day find they way into one of my mixes.

Steely Chan
Rawkus Lee
(2012) | 83 MB|

Steely Chan - Rawkus Lee

Black Star & Shawn Lee - Spooky Funky Definition
Jurassic 5 & Shawn Lee - World Of Lagos
Pharoahe Monch & Shawn Lee - Simon Says Windy Stallion
Common, Sadat X & Shawn Lee - Bongo 99
Reflection Eternal & Shawn Lee - Cairo Beast Mission
Big L & Shawn Lee - Flamboyant Organ Grinder
Reflection Eternal & Shawn Lee - Move Some Full Moon
Mos Def & Shawn Lee - Song For Faded Universe
Eminem & Shawn Lee - Axel Jagger Man

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