Jim Sharp - Straighten It Out Volume 2

While backing up files for a fresh install of my new OS (Linux Mint 13 MATE) this weekend I totally forgot Jim Sharp sent me this great sequel to his Straighten It Out mix. Is this mix as good as volume one or better then original? That's hard to say but it's definitely one for your collection!

"It's been seven months since Straighten It Out Volume 1 dropped. I was completely surprised and humbled by the amount of support it received. Since then I've taken over the Saturday residency at The Paradise (www.theparadise.co.uk) from Ali B (who has moved to Canada) and every week the crowd is still getting down to Funk & Soul with some Hip Hop, Reggae and Disco sprinkled on top. Volume 2 represents some of the new sounds and tunes I've been running on Saturdays. I'm not including a tracklist this time around but I'm going to be dropping various edits from the mix in the upcoming weeks."
Jim Sharp
Jim Sharp
Straighten It Out
Volume 2
(2012) |103 MB|

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